construction document

Bill of Quantities

A Bill of Quantities (BOQ) is a detailed document that lists all the materials, labor, and other costs that are required to complete a construction project. It specifies the quantities and qualities of the items needed, along with the unit prices or rates for each item.

The Bill of Quantities is usually prepared by Quantity Surveyors by ‘taking off’ quantities of items in tender drawings and typically used by contractors and architects to estimate the cost of a project and to create a competitive bidding process. It provides a clear and precise breakdown of all the costs involved in the project, enabling builders to accurately predict the time and materials necessary for each phase of the construction process. The BOQ helps to minimize hidden costs, changes or discrepancies that may arise during the construction process. With its detailed and structured approach, it is an essential foundation for any successful construction project.

Provisional Sums can be included in the BoQ to cater for foreseen or unforeseen items of work.