Pre-Project Phase

At this early stage, the project brief should be defined in terms of time, cost and quality with the employer or employer representatives having a clear idea of what it is they want to be building. i.e. preliminary design.

Other issues to consider at this stage are;

  • Preliminary Design
  • Project Organization Structure (larger scale projects)
  • Project Budget & Project Financials
  • Project Timeframe
  • Submissions and Approvals Process
  • Environment, Local Regulations, Health and Safety
  • Risk Analysis

Preliminary Design

When a government department, a public corporation, or a private sector wants to develop a project for public service or commercial purpose, legal permissions must be obtained from the local authority such as town planning and environmental protection. Some projects may require prior approval under statutory regulations owing to public interests. The client should have a list of assumptions and requirements in hand for technical and economic considerations in regards of social benefits and commercial return. The proposed project can be developed by the in-house design teams, or sublet to a consultant firm for professional advice in case some approvals demand compliance with specific procedure. The subsequent report will give the ideas of the preferred site or where-about, the estimated project cost, completion time frame, the prospective end users, and the expected return of investment, the social interests and any other side benefits.