Skylights are windows placed at the roof of the building to allow natural sunlight to enter an enclosed space such as a room.

Types of Skylight

All types of skylights can be modified to include tinted or insulated glass as well as shades or screens.

Ventilating Skylight

A ventilating skylight functions as both skylight and ventilation. Fresh air is introduced in the room when it is opened. This type of skylight is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. It can be operated either manually through remote control or wall switch or it can be automatically activated via a temperature sensor.

Fixed Skylight

A fixed skylight does not open and is used solely for the purpose of providing natural light to a room. It comes in different sizes and shapes.

Tubular Skylight

A tubular skylight is usually small in size, about 10 or 14 inches across. Light is directed through a tube. This type of skylight is ideal for use in hallways or closets, where a normal skylight is not possible.

Styles of Skylight

Domed Skylight

Domed skylight is a type of skylight having an oval shape.

Pyramid Skylight

A pyramid skylight is a simple four-triangle pyramid which peaks up out of the roof.

Polygon Skylight

A polygon skylight juts out of the roof with a number of glass or acrylic polygons.