Paint Thickness Test

1. To determine the dry film thickness ( DFT ) by Paint Gauge
For structural steelworks, no matter at indoor or outdoor, it always requires anti-corrosion protective coatings to cover up the members such as hot dipped galvanizing. In addition to these galvanized coating, sometimes a painting system is also applied on the steel members for further corrosion protection as well as aesthetic purpose. Painting systems may vary in accordance with their usage or exposure but normally made up with coatings of:

a) itching primer
b) undercoat
c) finishing coat

The thickness of each or cumulative paint coatings when dried can be measured by a paint gauge to determine its dry film thickness ( DFT ) in microns ( μm ) . In fact, paint gauge could also be used to measure the nominal thickness of zinc coating on steelwork after galvanization since it is not a ferrous metal. During the painting process, the site supervisor may be frequently asked to perform this test in the witness of ER’s staff and the thickness of each and cumulative coatings are recorded in tabulation form for QA purpose.

2. To determine the wet film thickness by Comb Gauge
To be forthcoming.