Proctor Test

This test will be carried out by the laboratory staff on-site or at the borrow area. Before the backfilling work starts, the site supervisor should know where about is the borrow area and should inform the laboratory staff well in advance to allow them to conduct proctor tests for the respective backfilling materials. The test will determine the maximum dry density and optimum moisture content of the selected material and the results will be set out as the 100% compaction basis for the respective material. The laboratory staff will keep this material sample in a jar for comparison to insitu material and the test results will be used as the denominator to determine the degree of compaction of that type of material after it is compacted on site. This is a very important test for the backfilling and compaction work because its results are being used as the divisor to determine the percentage of compaction. If the irrespective test result is being used as the divisor, it will then produce a misleading and unrealistic compaction factor. Thus, it is wise to prepare as more as practicable proctor tests results in line with the different grades ( more or less with different colours ) of backfill materials.