Sampling of Trial Mix

This process is usually conducted at the approved batching plant. When the trial mix of concrete ( with a nominal load ) produced from the batching plant is sufficiently mixed inside the mixer or the drum of a concrete truck, the mix is then discharged with a chute for testing. 3 separate increments should be obtained with a scoop by passing across the stream of concrete at about the first 1/6, 1/2 and 5/6 of the load and put into a bucket. Pour this sampled concrete onto a leveled tray of approximate size 900mm x 900mm x 60mm high edges and thoroughly mix it together. After passing the slump test and temperature test, the mix is then evenly spread out inside the tray and divide into 4 quarters on plan. Remove away one set of opposite quarters in either direction, the remaining 2 quarters will then be thoroughly mixed up again for the sampling of the test cubes.