Water Test

This test will be set up and conducted by site supervisor and the procedures in brief are as follows : –

1. Water test on pipeline should be carried out on the complete pipeline between manhole and manhole or manhole and structure as much as practicable.
2. Short branch pipelines could be tested together with the main pipeline; however long branch pipelines are better tested separately.
3. Before test, the openings / ends of the pipeline to be plugged using expanding disc stoppers.
4. The pipeline is then filled with water and should be kept fully filled for a couple of hours before test to allow self absorption . For large diameter pipeline, it is advised to keep filled with water overnight.
5. A test pressure of specified head of water above the crown of pipe at the high end is applied through a standpipe and maintain for 30 minutes.
6. When test starts, the head of water at the standpipe will be topped up at 5 minute intervals during and at the end of the test period. The amount of water added to the standpipe should be measured and recorded.
7. The total amount of water added represents the leakage of water from the pipeline being tested , should not exceed the permitted leakage as stated in the Specification .
8. Adequate arrangement and care for discharging the water from the testing pipeline should be made in order not to flood the downstream area at the vicinity.