Doors are movable structures that close off an entrance and either swing, slide or revolve.

Door Types Based on Function

Exterior Doors

Exterior doors have to be strong and secure as well as provide insulation. They are more likely to have ornate designs carved into them. Because these doors are heavier, the hardware needed to hang and lock them must also be heavier. Exterior doors are usually 36 inches wide, compared to the standard 30 and 28 inches for interior doors.

Interior Doors

Most interior doors are typically wood doors made to swing on hinges, and because they do not have to provide insulation, they are often made with a 1/4-inch sheet of plywood that covers a hollow core. This makes them cheaper to produce and easier to hang. Swinging doors can have lock sets to keep them closed, or they can be mounted with springs so that the door can be easily pushed open without the need to turn a knob.

Closet Doors

Closet doors do not have to be as heavy as passage doors, and they often do not have to lock. Bi-fold doors attached to an overhead track make great closet doors because they can both be opened at the same time, creating a larger access. You can use hollow-core or louvered doors for these, depending on your room decor. The slats on louvered doors give the extra advantage of ventilation while providing visual privacy.

Patio Doors

Patio doors are entryways to a patio or deck and are typically made of lightweight materials that slide open.

Door Types Based on Material

Wood Doors

Wood doors are made of either solid wood or hollow with a thin piece of plywood or laminate on either side fastened to a wood panel. Wood doors are chosen for their natural beauty and are the most common type of doors used.

Glass Doors

Glass Doors are made from glass which is either tempered, insulated, etched, stained or frosted. Glass doors allow light to pass through them and thus bring brightness to any room.

Metal Doors

Metal doors are inexpensive compared to other materials, strong, durable and very low maintenance.

Plastic Doors

Plastic doors are chosen for their low weight and low cost. They are typically made from polyvinyl chloride(PVC). They are ideal for use as bathroom doors.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors are low maintenance, resist denting and scratching as well as strong and secure.

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